What Are We Doing?

One of the roles of FFF is to integrate resources to provide safety items such as night lights and non-slip rugs. After inspections we will assist in providing modifications, such as installation of grab bars, hand rails on stairs, etc.

Martin County Fire Rescue is offering home safety inspections to reduce the impact of citizens falling. Fire Rescue will compile a modification survey for each home inspection. Some of the modifications can be taken care of by Fire Rescue through grants and funding they receive.

What you can do...
Ask yourself these questions:
Are you concerned about falling, dizziness or your balance?
Do you hold on to walls, furniture or someone else when walking?
Do you believe “falling” won’t happen to you?
Do you have problems managing your health, remembering to take your medication?
Are you experiencing any side effects from your medications?
Have you had your vision checked within the last 12 months?

Contact us for safety information and a home safety inspection. We will coordinate with Martin County Fire Rescue to assist with fulfilling your home safety recommendations.

mission & vision

FFF is a fall prevention, community education and referral resource for older Floridians dedicated to decreasing the loss in human life and reducing the economic impact resulting from falls and fall related injuries.