What Can You Do...……

Ask Yourself These Questions

​​Are you concerned about falling, dizziness or maintaining your balance

Do you hold on to walls, furniture or someone else when walking

Do you believe "falling" won't happen to you

Do you have problems managing your health, remembering to take your medication

Are you experiencing any side effects from your medications

Have you had your vision checked within the last 12 months

We Can Help

Contact Floridians Fighting Falls @ 772-932-7264

Floridians Fighting Falls is a fall prevention, community education and referral resource dedicated to decreasing the loss of human life and reducing the economic impact that can result from a fall or fall related injury.

Each year, millions of older people fall, and that number continues to grow.  Falls can be traumatic, resulting in severe injury and decreased mobility leading to loss of independence.  Fall related injury is one of costliest health conditions older adults face today.

​Falling once doubles your chance of falling again, yet research shows many falls are preventable.

​​​We're Here to Help

​​Evidence -Based Fall Prevention Programs Save Lives

Floridians Fighting Falls is a not-for-profit community-based program.  We rely on the donations from local businesses, friends, family and support from the community to help us achieve our goal of keeping our senior adults active and prevent fall related injuries..

Floridians Fighting Falls